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  • 1986
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Mexico, USA, Germany, France, Poland, Czech Republic, UK, China, India, Portugal.

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Products and services

  • Compromised with the casting industry and with its entire value chain, AZTERLAN provides basic and applied research capabilities, as well as technology transfer to foundry companies in the following areas of knowledge:
  • Development of new metallic materials, ferrous and non-ferrous and improvement of properties.
  • Optimization of the manufacturing processes aimed at improving the performance and quality assurance of the manufactured components: metal treatment in the liquid state, feeding systems, molds and tools, heat treatments and surface treatments, etc.
  • Artificial Intelligence and Industry 4.0 Solutions: traceability of process variables, monitoring and prediction in real time, predictive control systems.
  • Sustainability and Environment: Waste management and recovery, eco-design of processes and products, air quality, energy efficiency.
  • Other related areas: corrosion, surface technologies, fracture mechanics.
  • Likewise, AZTERLAN provides Advanced Technological Services oriented to the metal-mechanical industry, with a wide spectrum of capabilities:
  • Advanced characterization of materials (mechanical properties tests, metallographic analysis, chemical tests, corrosion tests, non-destructive tests, cryogenic treatment of materials, ...)
  • Defect and failure analysis in service.
  • Certification and homologation tests


  • Tools for the control and optimization of casting processes and metallurgical quality:
  • SmartCasting®: 360º solution to manufacture castings that need no extra finishing operations
  • Kasandra®: Simulation system that applying metallurgical quality data optimizes the prediction of the soundness and final characteristics of castings.
  • Thermolan®: Thermal analysis system that evaluates the metallurgical quality of spheroidal, lamellar, or compact graphite foundry to predict the metallurgical characteristics of the parts produced.
  • Sentinel®: Advanced monitoring system for controlling and optimizing the management of metallurgical processes. Sentinel® predicts process deviations and proposes corrective actions in real time.
  • Salomon®: Software that simplifies the multivariate analysis of complex industrial processes. It makes it possible to identify critical variables and to set optimal working specifications.
  • DymetriCS®: Portable system for adjusting casting molding machines.
  • PDManager®: Software System for Real-Time Production Control that ensures digitization, traceability, centralized storage, and real-time visualization of the key parameters involved in the manufacturing process of castings.

Business activity

  • AZTERLAN is a Technology Centre specialized in metallurgy. Its main mission focuses on research and knowledge transfer in the field of metallurgy and the different advanced manufacturing technologies of metallic materials, among which foundry occupies a prominent place.
  • With the aim of improving the competitiveness of companies and with a “zero defects” orientation, AZTERLAN collaborates with foundries in the development of new technologies to improve the performance and efficiency of their processes, ensuring the quality of their products and favoring the development of components with higher added value that respond to the growing demands in design and quality of its customer sectors.
  • R&D capabilities are complemented by advanced testing and characterization technological services, as well as failure diagnosis and defect analysis of components and equipment. The Center counts with avant-garde equipment and facilities, along with a high level of knowledge and experience from its technical and research team oriented to the competitive improvement of companies.
  • The multiple collaborations with leading international agents and organizations along with the incorporation in the Basque Research and Technology Alliance, which includes 16 scientific-technological agents from the Basque Country and includes more than 3,000 researchers, are without any doubt a boost in the capabilities of the Technology Center to provide an appropriate answer to the challenges of the industry.


  • UNE 166002 of the R&D&I Management Systems Certification.
  • ENAC Accreditation No. 59/LE069.
  • NADCAP Accreditation (National Aerospace and Defense Contractors Accreditation Program).
  • Accredited as a Technology Center of the Basque Science Technology and Innovation Network.
  • Recognized as a Technological Centre by the Ministry of Science and Innovation of the Government of Spain.
  • Recognised by the French Government Gral Directorate of Research and Innovation as an accredited body to perform R&D activities with companies.
  • Homologations of private clients from various sectors.

Customer sectors

  • Casting and steel industry
  • Automotive
  • Wind energy
  • Oil & gas
  • Machine tool
  • Energy
  • Railway
  • Aeronautics
  • Naval
  • Pumps and valves
  • Civil engineering