Request For Quotations

Let us help you to find your ideal supplier!
Fundigex has been working for more than 35 years in order to create business possibilities between international clients and Spanish suppliers within the foundry industry.

Fill in the form or drop us an e-mail with your specifications, and we will send you a list with the most suitable foundries.

The communication is directly between suitable supplier and possible client and we as an association will not ask for commissions nor have any responsibilities with what happens after having provided the contact.

    Organisation of tailor made agendas

    Based on your casting needs, we can prepare a customised agenda for you, setting up meetings with suitable foundry suppliers from Spain.
    All you need to do is filling out the form specifying the casting needs you have or send us an e-mail at 
    We will contact you and schedule a meeting to see how best to proceed.

    Invitation to visit
    Spanish Foundry plants

    Are you interested in getting to know the Spanish foundry sector and your possible supplier on site?

    Contact us at and we will explain the conditions.

    • In Fundigex we organise Brockerage events twice a year, where we invite possible clients to get to know our foundries and their production facilities, offering foreign companies to experience the excellence of our foundry sector.
    • With an agenda of a minimum of 3 foundry visit and a maximum of 3 days, we will give you an intense foundry experience, driving you around different production plants in order for you to build up an accurate image of what our industry can supply.

    • With the aim of boosting business for the Spanish foundry sector, Fundigex will stand for flight and lodging for the visiting company.

    Services for Associates


    International trade activities
    Annually we draw up an international promotion agenda for the Spanish Foundry Sector, where we participate in and organise over 15 international trade activities such as Trade Shows and Fairs, Trade Delegations, B2B events and Technological Trade Missions.


    Market survaillance and competitive intelligence
    We are in constant surveillance of what occurs in the world that can have a positive or negative effect in terms of business opportunities for our companies. We carry out, search and publish Market reports, Studies and News. We are in alert of new international commercial agreements that can foster our businesses.

    We are in close contact with different International Foundry Associations in the world with which we exchange information to try to find common strategies. We organise technological study missions to visit foundry plants worldwide.


    Quotations and management of business opportunities
    We actively and constantly work for the identification of new business opportunities, creating new possibilities for our companies and put them together with possible clients.


    Promotion of cooperation
    FUNDIGEX intensively promotes cooperation between associates to foster synergies and strengthen their international position.

    We implement specific projects oriented to markets, client sectors or any matter that may be of interest to companies.


    Marketing and communication activities and campaigns
    The great commitment of FUNDIGEX is the creation of a strong sector brand with great international projection. To this end, the tools we use different strategies and tools:

    • Great presence in Social Media
    • International Advertising Campaigns
    • Promotional Material such as catalogues, web, etc.


    Customised services
    We attend whatever concern our member companies might have in different fields:

    • Customs
    • Legal
    • Marketing & communication
    • Commercial digitization
    • Agents & representatives
    • Grant management


    Fundigex offers Seminars and Short Courses that can be of interest for the members, mostly in international matters.


    Management and channelling of Funds, Grants and Subsidies
    We manage public aid programs that the different administrations make available to companies through the Association and we advise how to access them.