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FUNDIGEX, The Casting Exporters’ Association of Spain, is a non-profit organisation, founded by a group of foundries in 1985, with the objective of promoting the exports and the internationalisation of the Spanish companies in the foundry sector. FUNDIGEX is also working to defend the general interest of its associates on the international market.
  • FUNDIGEX represents the entire value chain of the Foundry Industry in Spain: foundries, manufacturers of foundry machinery, products and services for the foundry sector.
  • FUNDIGEX is recognised by and works closely with official bodies and provincial, regional, and national and international institutions in order to provide a broad range of service to its member companies.
  • FUNDIGEX belongs to the AGEX GROUP, a group of 4 different cluster organisations of recognised prestige and extensive experience of more than 40 years, and which brings together over 300 companies of diverse industrial sectors.

Foundry Sector in Spain

Foundry Suppliers

Mission and Services

Our main objective is to promote the Spanish Foundry Sector internationally and create business opportunities for our member companies.

FUNDIGEX is a non-profit business association whose main objectives are:

  • The promotion of the member companies in the international markets and to propel its exports.
  • High-light the image of Spanish Castings, Foundry Machinery and related products and services internationally.
  • The stimulation of the cooperation between the member companies.
  • The assisting associated companies to achieve a higher grade of competitiveness.
  • To offer high quality services to the associated companies.
  • Defend the general interests of all its associates.

FUNDIGEX aim to be the organisation which coordinate the majority of the Spanish companies in the Foundry Sector, both foundries as supplier companies. We work to strengthen the leadership of our member companies, contributing to their success throughout the world.

FUNDIGEX work intensively to assist the associated companies in all matters concerning exports and internationalisation.

  • International Trade activities
  • Market surveillance and competitive intelligence
  • Training
  • Promotion of cooperation
  • Quotations and management of business opportunities
  • Customised services
  • Marketing and communication activities and campaigns
  • Management and channelling of Funds, Grants and Subsidies

Organisational structure


marina fundigex

Marina Giacopinelli

estibaliz fundigex

Estibaliz Goitia

International Trade & Marketing

Nerea Frías

International Trade & Services

FUNDIGEX is managed by and important decisions are taken through the following governing bodies:

  • General Assembly of Associates: The General Assembly is formed by all the associated companies. It celebrates at least one meeting per year, according to what is stated in the Statute
  • Executive Board: The Executive Board checks the day to day function of the association and the accounts. It is also in charge of transferring all important matters and proposals to the General Assembly.

The President and the Vice President are in charge of representing the Association in all public acts where the presence of FUNDIGEX is required.

Current President: Mr. Borja Lambea from the company REINOSA FORGINGS & CASTINGS, S.L..

Fundigex pertenece a la Federación Grupo AGEX, compuesta por Agragex, Fundigex, Siderex y Mafex. El Director General del Grupo AGEX, cuyo cargo en este momento ostenta el Sr. Jaime Hernani, toma parte de los Comité Ejecutivos de Fundigex.

borja presidente

Borja Lambea


Current Members of the Executive Board:

Basque Foundry and Forging Cluster

In the beginning of 2016, the Basque Government, following the strategic plan to improve the competitiveness of different important sectors in the Basque Country through cooperation, gave its formal recognition to FUNDIGEX including us in the Basque Cluster Programme.
With this recognition, FUNDIGEX will be the organisation in charge of promoting the exports of the Basque foundry sector through complex cooperation programmes and active stimulation of synergies so as to boost joint export strategies.
In 2019, an agreement was signed between AFV, FUNDIGEX and SIFE, creating the Basque Foundry and Forging Cluster to promote the sector in areas such as technological innovation, internationalization, strategic positioning and smart manufacturing.

Address and office hours

Parque Empresarial Ibarrabarri, C/ Iturriondo, 18 – Edif. A-1, 1ºC, 48940 Leioa (Bizkaia)
Monday to Thursday: 7.30 to 17.00. Friday: 7.30 to 15.00
Phone: (+34) 944 706 505

Fax: (+34) 944 246 838